Providing tools and ongoing training to Iowa's care professionals.

Outreach and Training from Iowa Cremation

With our common goal of providing compassionate care for Iowans, we recognize the importance of ongoing staff development and training for caring professionals. Iowa Cremation has a long-standing commitment to offering our own staff continued education, and now we are extending that training to care professionals.

Our workshops are designed to be interactive and thought provoking.  Iowa Cremation has identified topics that impact the quality of life of those professionals who tirelessly serve those who are facing health crises and end of life decisions.  You don’t have to be told that our line of work can be emotionally taxing; these workshops offer positive tools for navigating stressful situations. 

Iowa Cremation's free development and awareness trainings are led by our Director of Human Relations and Outreach, Dr. James Coyle. For over 36 years, Dr. Coyle has worked with individuals and groups who have experienced traumatic events or need guidance along life's journey.  He has been instrumental in the training of critical incident support teams (CIST) and responding to disasters, counseling both survivors and First Responders. Another of Dr. Coyle’s many roles for Iowa Cremation is providing coping strategies for those who have experienced a death loss, and need support in learning to grieve in a healthy way.

Our free training and workshops cover some of the following areas:

  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Building Stronger Relationships with Positive Energy
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Coping with the Holidays
  • Trauma in the Workplace
  • Understanding and Responding to Stress
  • Understanding Nonverbal Communication

For more information on our staff development and training series, click the "Download Workshop Brochure" button below, or call us directly at 1-888-871-3361.

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"Iowa Cremation gave me extraordinary support when my husband passed away. Everything was handled with compassion and respect, and for that I am forever grateful."

- Barbara B. from Clive, Iowa


"Iowa Cremation's service was incredible and I tell everyone they should preplan with their staff."

- Patti B. from Muscatine, Iowa


"The compassion and professional care extended to us by Iowa Cremation was very consoling and deeply appreciated by our family."

- Mary Ellen M. from Lansing, Iowa